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Chef Stir Fry



Sushi Playa is an entrepreneurial endeavor that started 6 years ago with the idea to provide a new, fresh and affordable way for people to indulge in a product that for years has been considered an expensive culinary delicacy. The project`s main goal was to introduce an affordable and delicious new way to eat extraordinary daily meals on par with fine dining restaurants.

In other words, Sushi Playa wanted to think outside the box.

We implemented a unique system: Instead of us waiting for potential customers, we would take the product out to them! We faced many challenges early on, but we offered solutions that filled a niche, with the added touch of having our very own chefs go door to door to our customers. 


Today this system is well established in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, reaching hundreds of customers daily with a vast variety of meal options for them to choose from.

After having reached that goal, we thought the business could further improve and satisfy even more customers.  Since demand increased over the years, we decided to offer a full delivery service to anyone, anywhere within our local range. This new road had led us to expand both the project and the menu, to our most loyal as well as our new customers. We’ve Introduced a fresh new menu encompassing the best of the existing plus a great new variety of dishes that will tantalize your palate!

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

The Sushi Playa team.

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